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Ultrabubble are a website design, hosting and content production company based in Bristol, UK.

As well as website design and hosting, Ultrabubble create content ranging from website text to interactive video. Accessible design and genuinely relevant content are still the keys to search engine ranking, opening up your site to a wider range of customers. We customise media galleries, provide ecommerce solutions and can vastly improve on just about any website by adding to and tweaking your existing design and content.

We provide:

  • Website designs of all descriptions
  • Content and functionality
  • Image and Media Galleries with ecommerce-enabled catalogues
  • Rich media and QuicktimeVR virtual tours online
  • Premium UK web hosting
  • Production of streaming web video, interactive clips, text, images & audio
  • Narrative-driven design and structures
  • Custom and product photography
  • Shopping cart solutions & Online Payments
  • Holiday cottage booking systems
  • oddCast vHost integration
  • Supporting print design campaigns
  • Application script installation and application websites

Recent Clients Include:

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Ultrabubble Design Services

Our design, content and hosting packages offer you the ease, power and flexibility you need.

Design/Consultancy & Customisation

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Wherever you are in the world we can provide for your custom design needs with full consultation via email. From an optional add-in, to a complete overhaul of your site's design and functionality, we can help you to take control of your web presence and use it to your best advantage.

Custom web design, shopping cart solutions, payment processing, rich media content, web video, narrative-driven design, photography, supporting print design, turnkey solutions and complete campaign management. We offer advice and assistance on how to improve your time and results online, from the first impression your website projects, to ongoing search engine optimisation.

Custom Web Design

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Ultrabubble design and customise websites according to your needs and resources. Whether a four page 'brochure' website or a multi-sited major project, we can take it from scratch or adapt and adjust your existing material. From a simple design makeover, to complete changes of content and layout, our aim is to improve your presence on the web in a way that delivers results. Let's face it, many websites need improving, if not in their visual style then in the way they attract their audience or communicate their message. We would examine your project from a number of angles:

  • Aesthetically
  • Structurally
  • Accessibly
  • Narratively
  • Economically

Full Service Packages

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We work in full consultation with our clients. Options, designs and functionality will be clearly explained, both before you commit to the project and again upon delivery, to ensure that the work meets their needs and that they know how to use it to their best advantage. If you have chosen one of our hosting packages or an ongoing site management contract we want that clarity to continue. It is in our interests that you are well informed and that your site is active and able to make the most of the 21st century internet.

By the time we have finished with it your web design project will be:

  • Clearly laid out, easily navigated and comprehensible to your target audience
  • Excellent value and top quality with suitable layers of style
  • Fully supported, optimised and maintained where required
  • In adherence to W3 standards for clean, valid coding and compatibility
  • The best use of appropriate content and technologies to deliver the required results
  • Robust and fully tested on a range of standard platforms and browsers
  • Visible to search engines and automated indexing technologies

Quality UK Website Hosting

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Business and individual projects need reliable, UK-based webhosting if their online venture is to be a success. Ultrabubble offer high specification, best-of-breed hosting accounts tailored to the needs of media professionals everywhere. Hosting is fully supported and, in the case of design clients, fully managed and maintained, hugely simplifying your life and approach to your online presence. The need for clear speaking, reliable, well supported hosting has been very clear to us in previous quests to find suitable hosting for our own projects. Our customers can only benefit from our experience and expertise.

  • Flexible Pricing from £4/month
  • Excellent Support
  • Highest Quality Servers
  • Premium UK Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Availability
  • Intuitive cPanel Control Panel
  • Fantastico Scripts
  • Secure Linux Hosting
  • Email / Doman Names / MySQL Databases


Ultrabubble offer top quality, clarity, appropriate solutions and sustainable pricing. Please get in touch to enquire about our full range of services and how we can assist you in achieving your goals. Contact Us for full details and prices.